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STUPID PARTY takes place one weekend at a small hotel in the English countryside. A flaw in the brand-new, recently-installed digital switchboard causes serious overbooking problems, with precious little room for all the guests. However, all of them have a good reason to stick around!

AMBER (23) and her girl friends RACHEL (23) and ZOE (23), want her hens night to be just for the girls; with a MALE STRIPPER thrown in. JASON (25), her fiancé, prey to jealousy, turns up at the hotel with his pals BRAD (25) and ERIC (25) disguised as Hindus in long beards and turbans. MICHELLE (27), an attractive policewoman, mistakes them for some famous jewel thieves and checks into the hotel too, passing herself off as the wife of KYLE (32), her partner in police work, an oddball if ever there was one. RICHARD(43), a successful psychiatrist who wants to take the time to rebuild his marriage by making this a romantic weekend away with his wife DIANE(38)… and their two children MIKE(14) and JESS (12). But his secretary, COLETTE, pulls the rug out from under him and recommends the hotel to all his patients, including CECILE (32), his lover, someone he cannot work out how to dump. ARIEL (25) only has this weekend to convince his friend BRYAN (23) not to commit suicide because of a failed love affair. EDNA (65), also devastated because her beloved dog ARNOLD has been run over, (in fact, the young girl JESS has it hidden away), is staying at the hotel with her friend PRUDENCE (64), who sees this as her big chance to carry out a wicked plan aimed at making off with her friend’s fortune by convincing her that she has gone round the bend. In the midst of all of them, MARVIN (45), owner of the hotel and a severe stutterer, gives up trying to keep it all under control.

The hens night ends up becoming a makeshift “party” with all the guests going at it hell for leather. Amber, not a seasoned drinker, ends up making out with her own fiancé, unaware that it was really him! Jason is in a sea of doubt because his girl has been unfaithful to him, but with him! (in his Hindu masquerade) And how is he going to marry her not knowing if she truly loves him? It is essential for him to find out.

All these stories intertwine with mathematical precision, giving rise to a string of misunderstandings and ever more riotous situations, everyone tangled up with everyone else, but no-one getting what they want. The thoroughly unexpected conclusion, when it seems that it will all end in terrible tragedy, is resolved with a happy ending, thanks to the Queen of England herself. And all of our characters, their woes and innermost feelings revealed, find themselves adjusting to this unholy mess.

Director Oscar Vega

Óscar Vega

Co-Writer, Director

Oscar Vega (Madrid, 1957) started working at age 16 in his family’s ceramics business. He graduated in Psychology and Pure Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid. At age 21 he founded his first company (Banco de Datos para la Educación S.L.) He ran BDE S.A., an information technology company, until, at age 32, he decided to change career by studying film.


In 1987 he founded the production company CTP S.A., with which up to 2006 he has produced four feature-length films, three short films, over 200 entertainment programs for television, plus over a hundred documentaries and a large number of institutional, corporate and publishing productions. In 2006 Oscar Vega was incorporated into TELSON S.L.U., where he developed, as first Chief Executive, the creation of GRUPO VÉRTICE 360º S.A. (a Spanish holding company of audiovisual services and content that is listed on the Stock Exchange and currently draws together over 20 companies). Within the group he has taken on, up to 2010, a variety of roles as member of the Board of Directors; Director of Strategy and New Business, member of the Steering Committee and the Director of Vértice Live.


As director and scriptwriter, Oscar Vega has made three short films in 35mm: “El Contrato de Murk” (10´ – SGAE/UCM award); “Hechizo Lunar” (23´ People’s Choice Award, Barcelona Short Film Festival); “Concierto a la Mujer Desconocida” (9´ Award, International Experimental Film Festival, Madrid); and two feature-length films: “Raluy, Una Noche en el Circo·” (80`/2000 – a children’s film UIP/TVE/VIADIG/Chicago Int. Children’s Films Fest.) and “El sexo de los Dinosaurios” (93’ documentary /2007/TVE –Documenta Madrid / Independent Film Fest., Paris / DOC´S DF México; Spanish Film Fest., Málaga / Meditteranean Film Fest., Croatia).


He has created and directed children’s formats for television, such as “Tírame de la Lengua” (7 years on Antena TVE Internacional / Clan TVE) and “Pinto-Pinto” (TVE Internacional). He has had direct responsibility for theatre works (“Days of Wine and Roses”), musicals (“Grease”) and large-scale events ( Macro-Concert “Jean Michel Jarre”), among others. He is a member of the Television Academy, has given courses and talks at professional forums and has been on the jury of several film festivals.

Notes from the directing team

“Stupid Party” could be a top comedy (it has to be made, of course). It has the ingredients to be in the comedy camp (and it keeps them in the corner of its eye) of films like “Death at a Funeral”, “There’s Something About Mary”, “Little Miss Sunshine” or “The Hangover”, to list some modern examples that have hit the mark with the “T” method (as in “trans-cultural”)(makes a Chinaman as well as a Frenchman laugh) and the “Gee” method (as in General Exhibition) (makes the most scatterbrained teenager laugh as well as his granddad).

Humour is a very serious matter because it is based on tragedy (someone else’s, of course). The more absurdly “screwed up” characters are, the funnier we find them (this is all down to human cruelty; animals don’t crack up laughing at other creatures). Read the synopsis (or even better, the script) to understand why 24 characters (if we include the dog and the male stripper) almost end up burnt to a crisp (if they aren’t, it’s only because the Queen of England prevents it) when they were only meant to be spending a pleasant weekend in the country (and they say the English countryside is boring).

Anyone who thinks they’re not stupid (a little, at least) is very much mistaken. But our folly (the common or garden type) tends to be watered down by everyday life and (almost always) goes unnoticed. But when you put 24 stupid people (if we count the dog and the male stripper) in an improvised party one weekend in a cosmic alignment of delirium, what have we got? A full-on comedy. “Stupid Party” is over the top. Yes, but it’s fresh, logical, coherent and absurd; and unpredictable, always one step ahead of the audience (the director bets anyone a beer that they can’t guess the ending). Although everything in fact (in life as well as the movies) comes down to love, sex or some other feeling (usually more sex), these poor 25 (we’re including the dog, the stripper and the digital answering machine now) could still surprise us: they’re “stark-naked” (metaphorically and in literally in some cases) with their emotions and woes on show, surpassing even their own stereotype (that sentence doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s quite nice).

We need 25 actors (let’s not go into the dog thing again); or rather, hotshot actors. “Stupid Party” is an actor’s movie (loads better than special effects and avatars). To find them, it has been decided to spread the word on the Internet (social networks rock) and get millions of screen tests (perhaps rather less will do the trick, and if there’s a star among them, that’s fine too). At you can see clips and vote (for no good reason really, because we’re going to decide) (actually by viral marketing, to make this an event).

So, after all this, what’s the movie like? Well, it’s awesome!: fast (there are more sequences than pages in the script); very chopped up (the editor will be hard at it); not at all conventional (not everything British has to have that formal air about it); with bold framing and shots (the language has changed and cameras are lighter); with wild and cool music (also at the suggestion of Net surfers) and filmed entirely on location (we’re promoting the hotel trade). For more information, watch the movie.


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